Thursday, 26 December 2013

Top 5 fashion mistakes we all make while dressing with your suit

Here are some top 5 fashion mistakes mens usually do when they are dressing up themselves for any occasion with their suit.

1. Getting coats, lapels, pants, shirts that are too elongated or gigantic:

  • Always let your jacket end on your phalanges tips, it can be 3 inches. If they are longer than that then your jacket is too long.
  • Shirts should not be too big; many buy bigger shirts since they have expanded muscles. Shirts should be fit, not be tighter or bigger.
  •  Lapel should follow one- phalanges (finger) length rather than to be bigger.
  •  Pants should glide on the top of your shoes with medium break, no break in your pants means that your pants are shorter.

2. Pants with pleats:

  • You are not an uncle or not in 1900 to wear pants with pleats. Today’s trend of wearing pants is to wear pants with no pleats.

3. Pants with cuffs:

  • As like pants with pleats these are not at all in fashion nowadays. Wearing pants with no cuffs is trendy and stylish nowadays which makes you not to mess around yourself anymore and grab everyone eyes.

4. Tie peeking out from the back of your collar:

  • These problems arises when the collar is too small or when the tie is gigantic. Taking more care while choosing your collars or tie make these problems to vanish.

5. Focusing on flash over substance:

  • Rather than focusing more on your accessories for your suits such as tie clips, pocket squares, cuffs and so on concentrate more on your suits, pants and shirts. Because these play a vital role to make you appear stylish rather than you’re accessories.