Thursday, 3 October 2013


Most young men don’t have an idea of who they are and how to dress according to the fashion trends. To dress according to the current fashion trend first of all you have to be in open mind.

Remove your badge

The next tips are to remove your badge that you plug from your favorite actor’s dressing style or high school dressing and so on. Start dressing with your personal style. Progress to push you to new trend suits, blazers, and tuxedo’s and pants of this trend and quit the kids stuff clothing.

Graze to basics

Start to graze and invest in some items such as blazer, suits, ties, shirts, shoes or boots that aren’t shapeless. Soon it will become your everyday grooming item for sharp look and successful life which would result around years to come.

Perfect Fit

Change all your lose fit suits, blazers, shoes into fit one, because the fit one will make you trendy and fashionable though it is simple. Make sure that the shoulder appears fit at the your shoulder, the body part is trim however not tight and therefore the rear doesn’t appear as if it’s ready to make a special delivery.

Interview wear

Make your interview wear simple by wearing either navy or grey suit and avoid distracting other with some additional cufflinks or dark colored suit or aggressive watch like badass watch. Wear a perfect pair of professional black shoes and matching belt co-coordinating it. Make sure it not lose and fit your body shape such that it is stylish and trendy.

Formal affairs

Black is not the only suit that is going to be the best one for an interview, black suit is the best for only black tie event. A finely tailored black two-button suit with aspect vents will do double duty as a makeshift dinner jacket once paired with a white French-cuffed shirt, leather lace-ups and a tie.

Weekend clothing

Try new and improved comfort station jeans in an exceedingly straightforward straight-leg work instead. As for footwear, keep the Stylish Stacy Adams Footwear for Men and Alligator Shoes. A fashion Alligator Shoes or perhaps a basic boat shoe is that the solely thanks to play. And are available nighttime, you'll kick it up a notch with a button-down or casual shirt which general-purpose basic jacket.

Snow days clothing

Falling temperatures is the current issues for this snow season time in life. The great news is you merely want two jackets to weather the storm: A form-fitting winter coat for fall that may be superimposed through winter and a souped-up winter jacket for those bitter-cold nights. They’re all you ought to weather the elements in age-appropriate vogue.

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