Thursday, 26 December 2013

Top 5 fashion mistakes we all make while dressing with your suit

Here are some top 5 fashion mistakes mens usually do when they are dressing up themselves for any occasion with their suit.

1. Getting coats, lapels, pants, shirts that are too elongated or gigantic:

  • Always let your jacket end on your phalanges tips, it can be 3 inches. If they are longer than that then your jacket is too long.
  • Shirts should not be too big; many buy bigger shirts since they have expanded muscles. Shirts should be fit, not be tighter or bigger.
  •  Lapel should follow one- phalanges (finger) length rather than to be bigger.
  •  Pants should glide on the top of your shoes with medium break, no break in your pants means that your pants are shorter.

2. Pants with pleats:

  • You are not an uncle or not in 1900 to wear pants with pleats. Today’s trend of wearing pants is to wear pants with no pleats.

3. Pants with cuffs:

  • As like pants with pleats these are not at all in fashion nowadays. Wearing pants with no cuffs is trendy and stylish nowadays which makes you not to mess around yourself anymore and grab everyone eyes.

4. Tie peeking out from the back of your collar:

  • These problems arises when the collar is too small or when the tie is gigantic. Taking more care while choosing your collars or tie make these problems to vanish.

5. Focusing on flash over substance:

  • Rather than focusing more on your accessories for your suits such as tie clips, pocket squares, cuffs and so on concentrate more on your suits, pants and shirts. Because these play a vital role to make you appear stylish rather than you’re accessories.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tips for getting perfect fit tailored suit for men

      Suits are an important purchase irrespective of the occasion. Every man needs at least one high-quality suit that is perfectly tailored which will help you look smart and feel confident and last a few years, if not a lifetime. Be it for business purpose or for a special occasion, we all need one suit that sets itself apart from the rest; as aforementioned irrespective of the occasion a perfect fit suit is must for men. The side-splitting thing, nevertheless, a lot of people who shop for that quality suit will generally rush to high-end boutiques and pay for the suit for its brand name rather than its quality. Here are the essential aspects you should deem if you're thinking about buying a perfect man's suit. 

The following tips will get your hands on the finest tailor-made suit.

•    Find a reputable tailor
•    Decide on the fabric type
•    Measure for right fit
•    Choose the style
•    Personalize it
•    Final fitting

     To start off with, initially you should find a reputable tailor, either you can ask for references or find them at high-end boutiques. Once you are done identifying the tailor, you got to select the fabric type that you would like to go with. Fabrics with a grade of 100s or 110s scale up markups. Fabrics above the grade of 110s is guaranteed to exude a respectable look while lasting long. 

     Next step is to measure your size, tell your tailor how you would like your suit to fall on your shoulders. Open communication is must at this stage. Custom suits are attractive to those with distinctive body types. Then choose your suit style, i.e. whether single or double-breasted; two or three-button. Clarify it with your tailor because he can tell you what best complements your body type to make you look better. As you are done, next step would be to personalize it. In order to have a genuine and unique look, personalizing it is a must! Simple touches of personalization can stand out from the rest. 

     As a final point, you need to ponder on the details of the suit. Check out every angle to make sure your suit is perfect.  

     Mensusa is one of the reputed suit stores offering high-quality suits which will help you look the best of all. Mensusa Tips on how to get the perfect tailor-made suit can certainly give a fabulous look on any man. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Most young men don’t have an idea of who they are and how to dress according to the fashion trends. To dress according to the current fashion trend first of all you have to be in open mind.

Remove your badge

The next tips are to remove your badge that you plug from your favorite actor’s dressing style or high school dressing and so on. Start dressing with your personal style. Progress to push you to new trend suits, blazers, and tuxedo’s and pants of this trend and quit the kids stuff clothing.

Graze to basics

Start to graze and invest in some items such as blazer, suits, ties, shirts, shoes or boots that aren’t shapeless. Soon it will become your everyday grooming item for sharp look and successful life which would result around years to come.

Perfect Fit

Change all your lose fit suits, blazers, shoes into fit one, because the fit one will make you trendy and fashionable though it is simple. Make sure that the shoulder appears fit at the your shoulder, the body part is trim however not tight and therefore the rear doesn’t appear as if it’s ready to make a special delivery.

Interview wear

Make your interview wear simple by wearing either navy or grey suit and avoid distracting other with some additional cufflinks or dark colored suit or aggressive watch like badass watch. Wear a perfect pair of professional black shoes and matching belt co-coordinating it. Make sure it not lose and fit your body shape such that it is stylish and trendy.

Formal affairs

Black is not the only suit that is going to be the best one for an interview, black suit is the best for only black tie event. A finely tailored black two-button suit with aspect vents will do double duty as a makeshift dinner jacket once paired with a white French-cuffed shirt, leather lace-ups and a tie.

Weekend clothing

Try new and improved comfort station jeans in an exceedingly straightforward straight-leg work instead. As for footwear, keep the Stylish Stacy Adams Footwear for Men and Alligator Shoes. A fashion Alligator Shoes or perhaps a basic boat shoe is that the solely thanks to play. And are available nighttime, you'll kick it up a notch with a button-down or casual shirt which general-purpose basic jacket.

Snow days clothing

Falling temperatures is the current issues for this snow season time in life. The great news is you merely want two jackets to weather the storm: A form-fitting winter coat for fall that may be superimposed through winter and a souped-up winter jacket for those bitter-cold nights. They’re all you ought to weather the elements in age-appropriate vogue.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tips for picking the right suit for your body from mensusa

Selecting American suit

In choosing the correct suit for your body, remember: An American-style suit is best for larger bodies, and so was 1st created to accommodate the larger frames of the many Americans compared to their European counterparts.
  1. Two mark stamped of this classic suit that still create it applicable for today's larger men are the three-button, single-breasted blazer and also the plain-front trousers.
  2. A three-button jacket, sort of a two-button jacket, can ne'er exit of style; but, the three-button jacket, notably once the top button is left undone, has the advantage of elongating the body of a heavy-set man, thereby making him seem taller and thinner.
  3. If you’re dying to wear a double-breasted blazer and you’re packing a number of additional pounds, don’t despair; the extra} layer of cloth can smooth out additional lumps and bumps. Also, as long as the lapels meet below the waist, the V-effect created by a jacket can make you appear taller.
  4. In addition, larger men ought to hunt for jackets with side venting or double venting to conceal their wider posteriors whereas sitting or moving.
  5. When it involves your bottom half, choosing the proper suit for your body entails selecting a suit with plain-front trousers. This can slim your belly and pelvic region if you’re a bit on the chunky side, whereas folded pants can draw unwanted attention to this area of your body. In fact, folded trousers ought to be avoided by all body types.

Flattering fits

Even though you'll not need to wear a suit on a daily basis, once it comes time to dress up, take suit searching seriously. After all, what’s the point of suiting up if you’re progressing to seem like a monkey? Hopefully we’ve galvanized you to be more mindful of your body and its strengths and weaknesses when choosing the correct suit, and you now have a better idea of the general suit form which will assist you look your best.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tips on how to modernize yourself with your suit from mensusa

Suit modernize

Men's fashion trends have an inclination to relocate much slower cycles than women's & this is especially true for suits. Great to start to see the classic suit has already established a makeover. The present suit trends look youthful & adaptable to someone purchasing different suit apparel. The winter the suit trend is generally dark color such as grey, black and so on. The tight fitted men's trousers look so modern, trendy & refreshing to see. Additionally, this winter is about layering the garments.

Double breasted jackets

The double breasted suit from mensusa look is so stunning and attractive right now. It is inspired by all things in vintage. This bucks the present-day assertive trend as the key is a more relaxed waist line.

Single breasted jackets

Single breasted with single button is likely to be much greater if you happen to be 5.10 or above as often a low set button will reduce the torso; but check out each creative designer’s placement. The tight fitted appearance is the way in which ahead with this winter season.


Pick support running down past the shoulder and in to the arm producing broader shoulders really favored by English designers. Prevent padding finishing specifically at the, until you are really broad or if especially you like this cut. A slightly broader neck will flatter and can heighten the V.


The accessories of hat's and scarves just finish the look. Loving the barre hat and how they are teaming it with fitted suits. Both tone bow ties are slick. The polka dot shirts just put in a trendy look and works so powerfully with the suit.

The pointy, patent leather shoes work with this particular current trend and will be huge hit this winter.

Fabric choices

When we return to classics, classic fabric is sought after:

•    Wool – the apparent favorite, a super wool of twine count 120-150 is quite best; for extreme climates summer and winter suits best at 100 and 200.

•    Cotton – makes an attractive suit, best for informal because of creasing – nice change for summer – & ideal for seasonal events and weddings white, cream, tan or navy.


When purchasing a suit you can find two colors which are classic and safe for business attire blue and grey. And within these colors navy blue and charcoal or light grey are generally probably the most popular. Colors for business suits don't seem to examine out trend, fashion and blue and grey remain wardrobe staples. You also wish to consider your skin color and tone tan looks great on a richer or Mediterranean skin, along with blue will suit lighter completions.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Men’s Business and Casual Dress Tips From Mensusa

 Business casual dress and professional dress is tough to outline, however the overall goal is to appear somewhat relaxed however still neat and ready for work. You can’t fail with these men’s clothing tips for business casual wear and formal business wear:   

How To Choose Your Men's Suits And Suit Separates 

    Business dress interprets to a suit and tie. If you’re attending an interview, client meeting or your daily job in a very skilled workplace, there’s no substitute for a suit.

    Explore for suits made of Superfine wool like our Signature, Signature Gold and executive suits. They’re comfy to wear and perpetually look sharp. Accessorize your suit with a silk tie and freshly ironed shirt.

How To Choose Your Dress Shirts And Dress It. 

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the shirt you decide on to match your suit. Not only does one wish to select a complementary color or pattern, however you furthermore may need to make certain the shirt is in good condition.

    Make sure that the collar is nicely pressed and fits well with none stains or fraying. Additionally take a look at your buttons. If any are broken or loose, repair them.

How To Choose Your Dress Shoes

    Pairing business casual shoes with a suit may be a common mistake; this quickly undercuts your skilled look. Instead, follow this men’s dress tip: the most effective shoes to wear with a suit are fine leather shoes with leather, not rubber, sole.

    You can choose from totally different designs, like moc, tassel, wingtip or square toe, however ensure they're freshly polished.

    Do combine a grey or khaki pants with a pleasant belt. You’ll be able to pair dress pants and khakis with a range of shirts and blazers to suit any occasion.

    For instance, you'll be able to simply wear a sport shirt, evening shirt, polo, sweater, or sport coat to finish the look.

Men's Shirts

    A button-down collar works best for business casual because you’re not wearing a tie. Button-down collars keep nicely in position once the top button is undone.

     Take a glance at our mortal Wrinkle-Free shirts for a freshly pressed look or Stays Cool broadcloth to stay you cool and comfy in heat settings.

Wear A Casual Shoes

    When going business casual, don’t wear sneakers. You still ought to wear leather shoes that have a polished finish; however you have got a lot of choices once it involves casual shoes.

    You’ll be able to opt for shoes with a lot of fascinating stitching, colors and patterns, and rubber soles.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tips to look smart in your suit for men - mensusa


Find some tips to look smart in your suit from mensusa which will make you look sharp because the suit is the basic building block. Here are some tips which make you satisfy your criteria. 

1. Mind: 1st smartness comes from our mind. If our mind is evident then everything is going to be clear. Thus keep your mind fresh. It conjointly adds your smartness that makes you look smart in your suit. 

2. Make sure that, your suit fits: This can be the foremost necessary part to notice when you purchase a suit. 

3. Color: Color combination is very necessary while dressing. If it fails, although you're handsome it provide an abnormal look. Therefore choose appropriate colors that go well along with your skin tone.



4. Choose the correct accessories that match your suit: Your accessories ought to match up your suit. Colored ties will work a well for a wide range occasions. Match ties to shirts once while buying them. Double knot of the tie appear smart and extremely good. Wear an identical belt. 

5. Choose stylish shoes: Socks ought to match the shoes; it ought to be matching the belt and tie color. 

6. Wear the suit properly: Button all of the buttons on your shirt. If you're wearing a button-cuff shirt, bear in mind to button those buttons and do not forget the tiny one on the placket!
  • For two-button jackets, button the top button solely. 
  • For three-button jackets, button the center button, and therefore the top button [if desired]. 
  • Or, do not button any of the buttons on your jacket at all; this is often conjointly acceptable. However, you ought to ne'er button the bottom-most button on any jacket unless at a ceremony. 
7. Have your suit ironed or steamed: This can be an evident step, particularly for important occasions. This ensures that you are clean-looking and not rumpled.

8. Be well-groomed: Perform all the tiny hygiene tasks that aren't done on a daily basis. Since your face is the very first thing people notice after they meet you, ensure that it's in high form. Take away wax, clip your nails, remove your unibrow, and watch out of any nasal or ear hair.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tips for mens suits for wedding – menusa

Guys, now it’s our chance!!! whenever wedding comes everyone will be more concerned towards the bride’s groom starting from rehearsal dinner to the reception to the exotic honeymoon locus. And of course the only sole factor for any guy that being concerned during his wedding.Finding the right men's suit is the most important part of the wedding planning. Here are some tips from mensusa which would help you choose a better suit for your wedding.

First thing choose your wedding suit and purchase it, don’t rent
Don’t get rented suits because rented suits never work  properly and perpetually look low-cost. 

Quit the formal corporate culture
  • You should seem like you’re getting married, not giving a PowerPoint presentation. 
  • Wear new suit instead of a rental or boardroom suit which will be a initiative, however it’s aloof from the sole factor that may keep you out of the workplace

Make your suits to be fit
  • This day, after all, is merely speculated to return around once. Spend your energy and hand earned money been spent healthier on tailoring at an affordable price.
  •  Fit suit will make you look awesome and special in your wedding.
Form follows Material
  • A tailor’s nip and tuck will solely go up to date. While without a fine cloth to get the muse, it’s tough and harder to construct a winning wedding suit. 
  • A slouchy, shapeless mix can leave you wanting, well, slouchy and shapeless. Weighty wool suit on the other hand will do just the opposite.

You Decide
  •  When selecting your wedding suit, don’t be influenced by anyone except yourself and perhaps your bride. 
  • If you're feeling snug with formal suit then that’s nice, however don’t be persuaded by the sales assistant to travel for one thing that you don’t wish simply because there's nothing else on offer. Any good company ought to give you a range of designs, materials and fits, with a range of costs accompanying these.
Color for your suits
  • Both tails and customary suiting are fashionable, with all shades of gray. This is most likely as a result of the present, terribly spirited color schemes that are being set by the bridal trends. 
  • Colors like Cadbury’s Purple, Hot Pink and Turquoise are terribly sturdy, with grey Suits being neutral enough to point out off these accessories.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips to choose perfect summer suits for men

casual_white_sky_blue_seersucker_mensusa_summer_suitWhat summer suits will be the best one for this summer??? Want to know more ideas to choose best summer suits? That makes you cool and classy this summer? Don't worry!!! Mensusa is there to give you wide variety of suggestions which will help you to choose best suits for this summer. Summertime is all regarding beaches, sandles, hammocks, and fruit drink on Grandma's porch and on the other side you will be in a need to wear a suit for many parties, weeding and so….. But it will be usually hot in this summer. How could you choose your suits this summer such that it makes you cool in any occasion. I would suggest four tips to choose your summer suits for this summer. 

  • First, do not choose a material like polyester which traps heat and makes you sweat too much. Rather choose a cotton made suit which will releases excess heat from our body. 


  • Second, choose suits which are light weight for example cotton and seersucker. Seersucker is a type of cotton materials which are light weight and will not show wrinkles as like cotton and show your look as like you are wearing linen or twill.


  • Third, the choice of color of your suit. Choose light colored suits such as blue, green, grey and so on which will lessen the effect of summer in you that makes you cool and enjoy the warmth of this summer in a cooler way.

  • Fourth, the most important thing is that you should move away from black. Don’t choose a black suit in summer. Though it makes you gorgeous in this summer, it absorbs more heat and makes you hot. Light suits in summer like Khaki suits will also make you handsome and smart this summer. 

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