Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tips on How to choose color for mens suit

Here are some guide on how to choose color for mens suit. Take these tips and dress sharp with your favorite colored suit on you. 

  • Color for Summer – Summer is a season of hot and warm nature. Advisable color for summer is light and brown color. Pick any of these color that suits your skin tone and color.
  • Rich color – French blue color is one of the richest colored to be considered. It is always good on picking up French blue colored suits.
  • Bright colored suit – Bright colored suits are best for occasions such as wedding, party and so on. But these colors are not suitable for summer and office wear.
  • Color for skin tone – Always pick suit with color that suits you. Because these matters in making you look enhance around your face.
  • Always pick some colors that are around you. For example you can pick colors from ads, store displays because these are the colors that are widely used by many people.
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