Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips to choose perfect summer suits for men

casual_white_sky_blue_seersucker_mensusa_summer_suitWhat summer suits will be the best one for this summer??? Want to know more ideas to choose best summer suits? That makes you cool and classy this summer? Don't worry!!! Mensusa is there to give you wide variety of suggestions which will help you to choose best suits for this summer. Summertime is all regarding beaches, sandles, hammocks, and fruit drink on Grandma's porch and on the other side you will be in a need to wear a suit for many parties, weeding and so….. But it will be usually hot in this summer. How could you choose your suits this summer such that it makes you cool in any occasion. I would suggest four tips to choose your summer suits for this summer. 

  • First, do not choose a material like polyester which traps heat and makes you sweat too much. Rather choose a cotton made suit which will releases excess heat from our body. 


  • Second, choose suits which are light weight for example cotton and seersucker. Seersucker is a type of cotton materials which are light weight and will not show wrinkles as like cotton and show your look as like you are wearing linen or twill.


  • Third, the choice of color of your suit. Choose light colored suits such as blue, green, grey and so on which will lessen the effect of summer in you that makes you cool and enjoy the warmth of this summer in a cooler way.

  • Fourth, the most important thing is that you should move away from black. Don’t choose a black suit in summer. Though it makes you gorgeous in this summer, it absorbs more heat and makes you hot. Light suits in summer like Khaki suits will also make you handsome and smart this summer. 

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    1. Thank you...... Sure i will keep on sharing more and more interesting info....